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Made for those who want to spend a memorable holiday in Fortaleza ! If you decide to make your stay in Fortaleza will remain in mind for the rest of your life. Here you will find beautiful beaches with huts comforting praia. Rely on the staff of holidays in Fortaleza. rental apartments, and residential flat, inns, villas, apartments in villages for your holiday in Praia de Iracema, Beira Mar, Cumbuco, Praia do Futuro , Prainha , Beach Park, all located in Fortaleza, because here you will find all good restaurants , nightclubs , beautiful women, good prices , in short, come and see us.
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Holidays in Fortaleza organizes excursions , rent cars , buggy, at good prices, then you have to do is decide on the day of your departure, to book the flight, from the travel agent you trust, or by us from the comfort of your home, you can send an email with the day you wish to leave, we will send you our best offer, both as a package flight apartment, or just accommodation, we have great deals on all flights that connected to the BRAZIL. Without this you just need to start your incredible vacation in Fortaleza , your task is finished, you hold the ticket, now it's our staff holidays in Fortaleza think of everything we do at the airport and tourist accommodation we bring in the apartments in fantastic apartment , equipped with all comforts. The site we have a large photo gallery of the tourists who have been with us, and the apartments we rent. You will see that you will not regret the choice you made. With us you are never alone, we will be your reference point for anything 24h-24h.  

For those wishing to make investments , you can contact us easily because you will be followed by highly qualified people in this field, as we did before you, we are registered to the Creche, although we have never enjoyed writing not to belittle others, but Unfortunately, the other sites write to trust only people registered!

CRECI - N.07048.

PS We also sell tickets only flight from Fortaleza 's Italy for those who need it, no problem.

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Night Life

Fortaleza is famous for his life notturna.Praia de Iracema is the hottest area,  
  where every day of the week you can unleash a series of different premises there for everyone ...., until dawn and also "beyond".  

The magnificent beaches

The Ceara is one of the top tourist destinations in Brazil: with 573 km of beaches, and on average, with 250 days of sunshine a year. Surrounded by natural beauty such as dunes, oases, palm trees, laghi.State

  wondering what is the best time to visit us? This question is not easy to answer, in Fortaleza, in particular the seasons ... more  






The North East of Brazil is a magical place to live in all its aspects. Wonderful is its nature and unique are the many excursions, we'll help you with suggestions in the best way.

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